Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our New Online Diggs!

Welcome to our new "diggs"! After seeing some fun and cool blogs from Google, I decided to make the switch. Kristine, I've "stolen" your background for a few reasons: a) it's super cute b) we've just started a Bird unit for homeschooling and c) it's forecasted to SNOW here tomorrow!

We've had a fun winter season so far. Jack has turned 4 if you can believe it!!! His choice of adventures was a trip to Toys R Us and dinner at IHOP. Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner? He is growing up to be quite the little charmer/comedian. About a month ago he lost one of his top front teeth while "wrastling" with older brother Ben, and that little grin just adds to his cuteness. Yes, he still loves his "bwankie", but he's agreed to try to keep it at home, or in the car, more often.

Ben just finished his basketball season playing in a church league (Upward). He had fun, and he loves playing at home, but he complained a bit about the games being too long -- boo hoo, boy! We are still in the middle of our Homeschool co-op session, and both boys enjoy spending 3 hours every Tuesday with other homeschool kids, learning new, fun stuff and making friends. I'm teaching one Scrapbooking class and I assist in an Aerodynamics class. Both are really fun.

Derek has been working on his golf game and is playing great! He often comes home to tell me he shot par or under! When he comes home from fishing, he tells me how many wild pigs or turkeys he's seen. Does anyone else see the spectral differences in these two pastimes?!!! Something about birdies...I don't know.

As for me, I've still been participating in a Friday morning Bible Study that I love, Book Group once a month and scrapbooking too. I'm looking forward to warmer weather when I can get out and golf with my gal pals!

Hoping this finds you warm and ready for Spring!