Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Garden Update

I'm so excited about our garden this year. My friend, Katie, bought me the book "Square Foot Gardening", and I think I might actually be able to grow a tomato in Georgia!!! I imported all the dirt for the garden -- vermiculite, peat moss and 5 types of compost. Derek built me a 4'x4' frame with 1'x6' boards, and then we stapled a weed blanket to the bottom. He tacked some 1" lathe on top, creating a grid, so that I could plant each square foot to my heart's desire. I also have a few herbs growing in pots.

Katie and I swapped many seeds and seedlings, and they are all so cute right now. The deer have not found the treasure of our garden yet -- lettuces! I think we might have to make some kind of deterrent down the road, but we'll build it after the invasion. Although, yesterday I found 2 little teeth marks on a leaf of my mustard greens. Those leaves are spicy! I wonder if that is what scared the critter away, or maybe it was our cat, Nickel, who likes to stand guard under the hydrangea bush close by. Chipmunks are easy to pick off when he's got such a great hiding spot.

Ben planted the spinach seedlings I started from seeds.

Jack and I started the bush bean seeds right in the garden. They seemed to pop open overnight!

We look forward to watching our plants grow bigger each day! The weather has turned warm this week (high 80's, low 90's). I can't wait for tomorrow's rain to bring in some cooler temps for the weekend.

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Bren said...

How is your GARDEN ;) ?? I just noticed you blog link of FB. Had to come see some cute pics.